Flamenkat concert in Palau de la Música

20/01/2023 · [Secondaire]

6ème students went to see a Flamenkat concert in Palau de la Música on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of January. The timing of the concert couldn’t have been better, since they had studied flamenco in class just a week before. 

Now, they were able to see and experience all three forms of flamenco live; cante, toque and baile, as well as taconeo and palmas. The concert offered a variety of flamenco styles, such as soleá, alegrías, tangos and bulerías. 

The students recognized many instruments being played including a guitar, a cajón, a flute as well as a double bass and an electric bass which added a more modern touch to the style. Even some recognized the song “Entre dos aguas” by a guitar virtuoso Paco de Lucía. 

The concert was a huge success and the students seemed to deepen their learning while enjoying it.