1ºIB in Poland

26/04/2024 · [Secondaire]

This year students from Bon Soleil IB DP1 have had the great opportunity to start a CAS project in collaboration with the students from Gaudium et Studium Private High School in Poznan, Poland.

Aim of the exchange:
Building Cultural Bridges through the development of activities that foster mutual understanding and appreciation of cultural differences.

The aim of the project is to to develop Creative, Action and Service (CAS) projects on cultural exchange, promoting cultural understanding between the two regions, as well as the culinary traditions of Spain and Poland.

Our students participate in an intercultural exchange that involves an in-depth exploration of the historical traces that can be found in both Barcelona and Poznan, the intellectual heritage, prominent figures and architectural wonders of both cities.

Challenges and opportunities we have had:
Overcoming language barriers as we had to speak in English all the time, and none of us speaks Polish.
Learning to adapt to new traditions and lifestyles: both cultures have different culinary traditions and habits. So we attended workshops to share local skills and traditions, such as learning to cook croissants or gingerbread cookies. Besides, every Polish student hosted a Spanish one at home, which made the exchange more genuine.
Cultural Exploration: We participated in team building activities or indigenous sports activities promoting the exchange of sporting traditions.

After saying goodbye, we are getting ready to welcome them in June, when we will keep on building this project together.